Events in Bunbury

If you require St John Ambulance South West event service, please complete the event request Booking Form and the Event Risk Assessment Matrix. Please ensure that you complete one form per day for multiple day events. Once completed please return via email or fax to Event Bookings.

 Download (MS Word)

 Download (MS Word)

Event Service

A crew consists of 2 x Volunteer Ambulance Officers and 1 x Ambulance; however the ambulance crew attending the event are not permitted to transport any patient from the event. In the case where someone is injured seriously and needs to be transported to hospital the crew on duty will call for an additional ambulance to transport the injured patient.


Costs for 2 x Volunteer Ambulance Officers and 1 x Ambulance has a minimum charge of $577.50 inc. gst which covers the first four hours of an event, $115.50 inc. gst per hour will be charged for any additional hours requested in the event times.  You will also be charged one hour before and after attendance at the event to cover travel time and vehicle maintenance.

In the event that Volunteer Ambulance Officers are not available, a Paramedic crew will be sourced; organisers can accept the charge for Paramedic Attendance by returning the quote or decline by return email.

Terms and Conditions

Volunteer Ambulance Officer Attendance is strictly subject to Ambulance and Crew availability so please be aware the crew could come from any depot in the South West Region and travel will be charged accordingly. In the event that we do not have a crew or ambulance available from any of our depots in the South West the South West Office will contact you at least 10 working days prior to the event date.

Event Organisers are not permitted to approach Volunteers at local depots / sub centres to cover their events directly as volunteers are not permitted to attend events in St John Ambulance Western Australia Ltd uniform or vehicles without confirmation from the South West Regional Office.

Once an event request form is received an estimated quote based on the times provided on the request form will be issued, we will not be able to provide cover for any event unless the quote is signed and returned to the office prior to the due date noted on the quote.

Cancellation Conditions

If you no longer require St John Ambulance Western Australia Ltd. to provide volunteer or Paramedic attendance please notify Cass Kiely at Event Bookings or in writing; St John Ambulance. 270 Bussell Highway, Bunbury. WA. 6230.