First Aid Compliance

Western Australian legislation requires the employer to provide first aid facilities. Identifying an organisation’s first aid requirements is a consultative process that involves conducting a workplace risk assessment. The First Aid Facilities and Services Code of Practice (2002) outlines the practical requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (1984) in providing adequate first aid services and facilities to mitigate the consequences of any identified risk.

To assist with compliance, our experienced first aid consultants can facilitate a first aid risk assessment to determine your workplace’s risk level in order to determine the first aid requirements needed to meet the Code of Practice.

As WA’s leading expert in the field of first aid and paramedical services, St John Ambulance’s mission is to assist you as a duty holder to understand your first aid obligations and to facilitate the development of a legally compliant first aid safety system and culture within your organisation.

First Aid Risk Assessment

Occupational Safety and Health Regulations require WA businesses to conduct workplace risk assessments to ensure they have sufficient first aid measures in place. The provision of first aid facilities and services starts with identifying hazards that could lead to injury or harm to the health of people in the workplace.

Not sure if your workplace is compliant? St John Ambulance provide a risk assessment consulting service to help organisations meet their legal first aid obligations.

First aid requirements will vary from one workplace to another depending on factors such as the nature of work conducted, size of the workforce, geographic location and the types of hazards encountered.

Through the organisational first aid risk assessment process, our consultants can assist you to determine your first aid training, equipment, facility and procedural requirements.

First aid risk assessments are conducted at your work premises. A standard consultation* is 1-2 hours and costs $195 inc GST.

*A standard consultation is a maximum of two hours. Additional costs may be applicable for larger organisations that require a longer risk assessment process.

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Having a compliant first aid system within your organisation is dependent on adequate numbers of staff that are competent and properly trained in first aid. St John Ambulance has tailored workplace training courses that can be completed at your premises or from any of our conveniently located training centres.

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